Wednesday, May 9, 2007

so so long...

wow----it's been a long time since i've posted. you might think i was too busy, something was horribly wrong, whatever, but no...the truth is, just unmotivated, busy-yes, but mainly just too lazy to get it done!! so this is finals week at school. i took 1 monday, 1 today, and i have just 1 more tomorrow and then it's so long to this school year and hello summer!! I'M SO READY!!! i have a very busy weekend coming up though unfortunately i won't be spending the time with my two boys!! i have our nursing school graduation ceremony on friday evening, work saturday, jess is having a party sat night, and then sunday is mother's day so we're going to brunch and that day is my sleeping day!! chris and caden are going to be spending the weekend in colorado at cousin ron's wedding. i wish i could go, but i can't miss the nursing ceremony and the normal saturday girl at work, her boyfriend is graduating so she needed me to work for her. i figured i couldn't really say no when in 20 days from now, i'll be on a plane to greece!!! the countdown is on as is the countdown for getting our passports in....that's getting a bit scary!!
chris and i have also been doing some house shopping. nothing serious really. we've always planned on moving after i graduate next may but decided to get a head start and see what happens. we're not seriously looking really. just trying to see what's out there in our price range, the kinds of layouts available, etc. if something just perfect comes up and we get our house sold then we'll go for it, but that's a big big IF and we're not putting our house on the market yet or anything. we haven't even let our agent come and see our place yet!! we have looked at 4 homes and have another 1 to look at tonight. none of them were just what we are looking for. very nice, but not THE house. we're going to be very picky and very patient. and it's very fun to go and see these homes!!
i also received a very excited email from my friend, rachel wood, who i grew up with and was my maid of honor in chris and i's wedding. she is ENGAGED!! she has been very patient and i'm so happy that she was and has found the man she wants to spend her life with!! they have set a wedding date for april 5, 2008!! so that's about what has been going on in my world!! thanks for checking in!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

busy busy

it has been one busy week around this place. a good one though. i weighed in this morning and have lost another 2.5 lbs so we're just keeping on keeping on!! that's encouraging as always. and i had to get gas today and paid a ridiculous $41.00 to fill up my jeep liberty. RIDICULOUS!! it just angers me every time. i don't know exactly what needs to change but something as far as gas prices goes has got to be done!! i haven't seen much of my boys this week home late from topeka clinicals on wednesday and then last night i had to work the annual "working women's night out" event. it's a deal where lots of businesses have booths and give away lots of free prizes and samples to working women. the favorite thing...the free beer!! saw a lot of people that i haven't seen in a while so that was nice actually, and i got to get paid, while drinking free beer!! i didn't want to fight parking so i had my friend tammi take me to the auditorium after class and jess had agreed to pick me up so she did and we went and had another drink! i hadn't seen that girl this week so it was nice to spend just that little bit of time with her! we have a big shopping trip coming up tomorrow though! her dad and step-mom cricket are in town so jess, heather, cricket, and i are going to go shopping for greece clothes!! should be a great girl-time day!! i'm looking forward to it! i'm working today from 3-6 so i will have the evening to spend time with chris and caden and i'm excited about that as well!! oh yea....i almost forgot this...getting caden dressed this morning and i found this little tick on my baby's shoulder!! yuck!! i really don't like those things and it was stuck pretty good but caden was a very big boy about letting me get him off of there!! i didn't see anymore, but when chris comes home from fishing or whatever, and finds a tick, i make him go and do a whole body search because they just freak me out!!! so, i didn't find anymore on caden but i'll be checking him over and over now for days i'm sure since i'm just a freak like that!!! anyway--have a good day!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday

what a great day we had today. nice to see our family from out of town and what a beautiful day for an easter egg hunt! caden loved that the easter bunny brought him candy and little toys for today and he's becoming such a pro at finding hidden treasures! mommy loves dressing him up like such a cool little man!! as my friend jamie says "he's such a little pimp"! not sure how much i like that saying!! we had a great day playing and visiting with our family that we only see about once a year, although we're sad to have missed great-grandma irene's surprise birthday party in sedan! we were thinking about you though great-grandma and happy 80th birthday tomorrow!!! we love you! we forgot to have someone take our family picture so we took a couple of caden with mommy and with daddy just before nap time. i love this kid so much!! even though we had a great time doing easter bunny things, today is about jesus dying on the cross to save us from our sins, and i am forever grateful for this sacrifice. without it, my life would not be as it is and certainly i would not know all the blessings i receive every single day. i am thankful.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Fishing Trip

we went on a family fishing trip last evening with the nice weather. we almost caught a fish on caden's pole with the first cast! he shortly lost interest though and he and i spent most of the time on the playground while daddy fished. it was a lovely evening!! Too bad the warm weather isn't hanging around for very long. Can't wait for another trip!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Another Day

The weekend is coming to a close, and already i am dreading returning to school, especially since it's going to be 82 degrees and partly sunny here tomorrow!! i love spring but hate to be indoors when it's nice. today is a beautiful day fact, it would have been a great day for a birthday party at the park!!! oh well....we've spent some time playing with our new toys today and as soon as caden wakes up from his nap, we're going to meet daddy to go fishing at uncle randy's with his new fishing pole. i'm supposed to be studying but i have been playing with my newest pictures toy. it's a program that lets you make photo video's and put them to music. it's great and i love playing with it! bog says it makes her cry though! it does me too, but it's the coolest thing. so i have spent part of this afternoon downloading more appropriate music than i choose for my mp3 player...for some reason, chris doesn't think that shakira's "hips don't lie" song is a good choice for sweet little boy pictures! not real sure what the problem is but i found some great "family" songs so i'll be covered for a while! it's been a great weekend and i'm sad to see it end!! we also went over and met jess's new little guy, "huck". he's a cutie and fits right on caden's lap! he would kiss caden and caden would say "he likes me". then caden decided that it was time for huck to go night-night in his cage and stuffed all this toys in there too...we could hardly find the little huck man!! not so sure he still likes caden!! just kidding....they were awful cute together and i'm certain that crazy lena lou will adjust and start mothering him in her crazy lena kind of way!! look out huck...she's a lot bigger than you!! they'll grow to be good friends (as long as huck grows fast!!!) gonna have a busy week coming up with easter just around the corner. so, that's it for the weekend i think. take care!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Birthday Party Day

It was a windy, cloudy, and downright cold at times day in the park, but we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves and Caden's party anyway. He got lots of great presents (thanks to you all), and spent the last hour or so running and playing with his cousins, grandpa tom, uncle randy "the great", and daddy. Over all, it was a success, though I think next year, we'll plan for an indoor party just in case!! "Bog and Papa", my mother and father-in-law, spent the evening and night with us last night, so they got some special one-on-one time with their only grandson. I think they had a great time. We love it when they visit so we want to make sure it's fun so they keep on coming back!! When in Greece....IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS.....i think caden is going to spend some time at their house in sedan. it'll be fun times for them, but lonely nights for daddy!!! we'll see how long he lasts (daddy that is)!! Well, we've had a day full of festivities and fun so it's time to hit the sack jack......oh yea, and those of you who are loyal http://HunnasHappenings readers, be sure to stay tuned to hear about the new little man in Jess's life!!! I can't wait to meet him tomorrow!! Till then...goodnight

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Caden's Special Day

in 77 minutes, it will be exactly 3 years since our little miracle boy made his way into this world. 9:16pm was the magic moment. i really can't believe that it's already been 3 years since this sweet boy met us face to face for the very first time!! it just goes so fast!! i am trying to cherish every moment but they seem to be slipping away so quickly!! we have had a great day!! a cute story...last night, chris and i were telling caden that today was his birthday and he was going to be 3 years old. he kept saying "no mommy, me 2" so we of course said that he was right and that he was 2 but when he woke up in the morning, it would be his birthday and he would be 3. so we went to bed and this morning when he woke up, i asked him if he knew what today was? he said "yes mommy, it's my birthday!" and i said "yes and how old are you today?" and he said "3 mommy" and held up his 3 little fingers!! such a smarty pants!! we have had a nice night. picked him up after class at 4 and daddy and gigi had put together his swing set so i made sure that he didn't go to the back yard. when daddy got home, we gave him one of those little plastic bowling balls and pins games....we've been to a couple of bowling parties so we thought we'd practice!! he loved it and we played for quite a while. then, grammy/nemo and gigi called and asked if caden could come out and play so we let him go outside and see his swing set!! they tied a big bundle of balloons to it too! and caden was so excited that he took off running as fast as he could, right past nemo and gigi and the swing set all the way to the fence and back!! it was so funny!! then he immediately started going round and round up and down the slide!! he tried both swings, the trapeze thing, and the teeter totter. he's going to have such a fun time playing on it this spring and summer. thankfully, the weather cooperated enough to have the sun shining and be dry from about 3-6 so it was perfect timing! then we ate pizza (one of caden's favorites), had STRAWBERRY "scoobie-doobie" cake per caden's request, and opened the rest of his presents. i ordered him this huge inflatable soccer ball with a little help from one of jess's catalogs. it cost me about $5 i think and i really think it might be his favorite toy!! it is fun. he also got a musical thomas the train, some ku clothes, a couple other shirts, and 2 pairs of swimming trunks (thomas is 1 of them of course!) and this hot wheels race car track that you try and crash the cars as they go through the loop! pretty neat and we've had fun playing that. chris also got him a baseball bat/ball that is soft enough to be used indoors. grandpa tom brought over his present....a box full of rolled "spare change" that he had been saving. it's for the "hot rod fund" and the box is so heavy i can't lift it!! it's quite a large sum of money!! so, caden officially has more money in his saving account (or he will following this deposit) than chris or i either one!! all in all, a very good day...i'm going to go and spend some more time with my sweet boy now!! SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY CADEN MONTGOMERY WILSON!!